Simen Mitlid

Singer/songwriter and producer Simen Mitlid has been captivating audiences with his music since he first burst onto the scene in 2016, with a sound that blends indie, folk and pop with his gentle voice and intricate instrumentation.

Mitlid is a prolific artist and has since his debut album in 2017 released five albums, as well as contributed to numerous releases. This includes being a member of the indie collective Benedikt and working as a producer for Siv Jakobsen among other projects. His music has also been featured in TV-series like "Rådebank" and "Unge lovende" and the Netflix hit "Love at First Sight" (2023).

Mitlid's latest album, Fredsvenn was released October 2023, and is a return to simplicity, with a stripped-down approach to instrumentation and arrangements.

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