Koke Plate is a Norwegian independent record label that manages Norwegian music in an international market. The label was initially established by Kristian Harnes and Erik Nerheim, when they wanted to release music on their own label with the alternative jazz quintet SynKoke, hence the origin of the label's name.Today, we release a wide variety of music, but primarily operate in the Norwegian indie sphere, releasing artists such as Jouska, Juni Habel, Ea Othilde, Sonic Løland, Benedikt, and many more. Over the years, we have also worked with booking, sync, management and PR. However, our identity remains rooted in the traditional indie label ethos.Koke Plate is currently managed by the musicians Kristian Harnes, Simen Mitlid, and Marit Othilie Thorvik. With our shared background as musicians and producers, our goal has always been to create a creative and artist-friendly platform, where we prioritize artists' rights and artistic freedom.Koke Plate also operates the sub-label Punkt, which focuses on folk music with Norwegian lyrics, and the sub-label Lur, dedicated to releasing music from various niche genres. In addition to our music releases, we have expanded our platform by publishing books through Koke Bok.