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And It’s All in My Head (Samba Remix)

Jouska &


26. Apr 2024
  1. And it’s All in My Head (Samba Remix)

Jouska presents the third single from her upcoming remix compilation of Suddenly My Mind is Blank (2023), a glacial alt-pop album that received love from BBC, DAZED, The Quietus, Loud and Quiet, CLASH, The Line of Best Fit and more. The first ‘Damon Days’ remix by Niilas (March 1st) was played at BBC 6 Music Fix and featured in DUMMY Best New Artists.

The third single from the remix compilation is Samba’s take on “And it’s All in My Head” (feat Fuori). Samba is a London-based producer and dubstep DJ, with seminal releases on 1985 and DEEP MEDi. He is a sonic chameleon, carving out dark but vibrant bangers with stand out melodies and sound choice regardless of what genre he touches, and the music has made way into the sets of top DJs worldwide.

Written by
Marit Othilie Thorvik
Remix by
Sam Bartlett
Hans Olav Settem, Erlend Mokkelbost & Marit Othilie Thorvik
World Wide
Jouska Photo