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Suddenly My Mind Is Blank (Remixes)

Jouska &







Whose Rules




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14. Jun 2024
  1. When I Leave (Mörmaid Remix)
  2. Damon Days (Niilas Remix)
  3. Fragrance (Matt Scatchell Remix)
  4. Blue Like The Sun (Shiner Remix)
  5. Death Sentence (Finding Neo Remix)
  6. When I Leave (NOME Remix)
  7. Why'd You Leave Me in The Red? (Matt Scatchell Remix)
  8. Blue Like The Sun (Tuvaband Remix)
  9. Unexpected Turmoil (sophieincolors Remix)
  10. Damon Days (Lnua Remix)
  11. Fragrance (dragongirl Remix)
  12. And it's All in My Head (feat Fuori) (Samba Remix)
  13. Blue Like The Sun (DUNK Remix)
  14. When I Leave (Cubakisen Remix)
  15. Fragrance (Whose Rules Remix)
  16. Death Sentence (Heden Remix)

Jouska presents a remix compilation of Suddenly My Mind is Blank (2023), a glacial alt-pop album that received love from BBC, Spotify curators, DAZED, The Quietus, Loud and Quiet, CLASH, The Line of Best Fit and more. The album also won Spellemannprisen (The Norwegian Grammy) in the Electronica category. 

The compilation consists of 16 remixes and remakes done by Whose Rules, Niilas, Samba, sophieincolors, Matt Scatchell, NOME, Mörmaid, Cubakisen, dragongirl, Heden, Finding Neo, LNUA, Tuvaband, Shiner and DUNK.

Genre-wise it stretches all the way from screamo hiphop and heavy industrial electronica to soft RnB and alt- pop, with Jouska’s mellow vocals as a signature sound throughout all of the bold stylistic twists and turns.

Written by
Marit Othilie Thorvik
Produced by
Marit Othilie Thorvik & Hans Olav Settem
Niilas, Tuvaband, sophieincolors, Shiner, Whose Rules, NOME, Heden, Cubakisen, DUNK, Samba, dragongirl, LNUA, Mörmaid, Matt Scatchell & Finding Neo
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